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Dental Implants are The Best Cosmetic Treatment for Missing Teeth

When people undergo some type of accident or illness that causes them to lose their teeth, they may feel unattractive and suffer from issues like the inability to eat or speak correctly. The social stigma attached to missing teeth may cause them to lose career opportunities or have trouble in social relationships, as well. By seeing a Dentist in Flushing NY for help with replacing missing teeth, patients have the opportunity to enjoy an improved appearance and better quality of life.

What Cosmetic Options are Available for Those with Missing Teeth?

There are several methods available for the replacement of missing teeth. Traditionally, dentures were the best way for a person to enjoy the benefits of a full set of teeth, but newer options are now available. Dental bridges can be used to replace a single missing tooth, but most people now find that receiving permanent dental implants from offers them the most benefit for either single or multiple tooth replacement.

Why are Implants Such a Desirable Option?

Dental implants have many benefits over other tooth replacement methods. Implants must be surgically embedded into the patient’s gums by a licensed cosmetic Dentist Flushing, where they will act as the base for the artificial teeth. Once the gums have appropriately healed from this surgery, artificial replacement teeth can then be attached to the base. These replacement teeth have many benefits over dentures or bridges:

Implants can be used in almost any type of dental situation. People missing multiple teeth or single teeth can receive implants, as they are not dependent upon surrounding teeth or large amounts of open space in the mouth to work properly. Each implant is individual and functions well on its own.

Implants won’t slide around in the mouth or fall out. Dentures often come loose or don’t fit snugly inside a person’s mouth. This can lead to gum irritation or embarrassment during eating or talking with others. As implants are surgically placed, they cannot come loose.

Implants look better than other options. Implants are the most realistic looking form of tooth replacement and appear as normal, perfect teeth.

Anyone missing some of their teeth knows how embarrassing and frustrating the condition can be. Luckily, there are modern options to replace teeth that work better than those of the past. Cosmetic dentists are able to implant permanent replacement teeth into patients’ mouths that give long-lasting and impressive results. By visiting a cosmetic Dentist in Flushing NY for a consultation, people can determine if implants are a possibility for them.